Virginia Personal Injury Laws

To the people of Virginia, you don’t need to worry about the case if you got a personal injury. There are personal injury laws which are referred to the legal remedies and defenses which involved civil rights, as a result of the harmful conduct. According to criminal law, a tort action must not be including government prosecutor for the wrongdoer.

Most of the cases of personal injury occur due to the negligence of the other driver which causes a significant loss to the victim. Negligence requires that every member of the society acts in a responsible way and avoid getting danger to the people around you. But it doesn’t mean that every time someone’s negligence brings accident. According to specialists, some accidents are unavoidable and you cannot calculate it is coming to you.

Some examples of negligence are; car accidents due to drunk drivers, surgeon’s carelessness causes medical complications, dog bites that injured you badly. Thus the responsible person overlooks the risk imposed on others, and as a result the victim got injured.

Some very common Torts

Personal injury law follows a number of reasons for action besides carelessness. All of these includes under the umbrella of Intentional Torts. As Intentional torts, in these situations, the defendant is accused of harming the victim purposefully. For example assault, false imprisonment, theft, battery, etc.

In a most particular way, there are also some scenarios in which the defendant person is accused of doing everything possible to reduce the harm but failed to do so. This is referred as strict liability, even if the person engages in a dangerous activity, in legal action, or all precautions taken falls into this category.

Some another common tort includes the injuries caused by the use of defective products. Liability, in this case, can be imposed by the theory that manufacturer is responsible for being negligible, knowing the risks that the defective product can harm others, in designing and selling an unsafe product. In the worst condition the victim is able to meet some of the elements than the victim of the personal injury by the outcome, can sue the manufacturer under a strict liability theory.


If a person wants to defend itself against the liability of personal injury, then he or she has to consider some common defense theories. From defendants’ side, it can be said that the victim did not use due care and is responsible for the accident or the personal injury. The defendant can also claim that the victim was involved in a harmful activity and know the risks, yet gave the defendant permission to take specific actions that ended up in personal injury of the victim.

Victims of personal injury who want to avoid losing a tort case based on such arguments should hire legal personal injury defense attorneys. Retaining a lawyer will also help prevent the not knowing circumstance of violating a statute of limitations (missing the deadline for filing the case), which is always a concern in personal injury cases.