Virginia Reckless Driving Lawyer

The Commonwealth of Virginia takes every reckless driving offense seriously. In fact, drivers convicted of reckless driving are considered guilty of committing a Class One criminal charge. Such criminal classification is exactly same as a DUI/DWI conviction. Virginia reckless driving lawyers want you to know that criminal charges can be there on your driving record for several years. Additionally, it can render a significantly negative impact on your personal and professional life.  In fact, professionals who require security clearances for their occupation may also lose their authorizations.  Additionally, government or military contractors, dealing with sensitive matters, may hardly be able to get needed sanctions. Furthermore, insurance expenses rise significantly. Unfortunately, several driving behaviors and actions that are viewed as traffic violations in other states have been legally categorized as reckless driving in the state of Virginia.

According to Virginia reckless driving lawyers, the violation of Virginia Code § 46.2-862 is the most frequently occurring reckless driving ticket as given out by police authorities in the state. Additionally, the state takes it as a crime to drive beyond eighty miles per hour (mph), or twenty mph the speed limit. Payment of a fine as you return home may be a simple speeding ticket.  Since reckless driving tickets are criminal offenses, they come with severe punishment and extravagant monetary penalties. One can be convicted of a Reckless Diving Speeding ticket even if the individual is not otherwise driving recklessly, like changing lanes, or weaving.  As soon as the speeding criteria meet, the reckless driving charge occurs.

Virginia Code § 46.2-852 is the second most frequently occurring reckless driving ticket that typically involves any behavior and action of a driver that consciously or unconsciously endangers life, limb, or property.  Other common reckless driving citations may reflect distracted drivers, those that tailgate, speeding violators, or those drivers expressing road rage. In the Commonwealth of Virginia, such actions are seen as criminal. Evidently, the general reckless driving ticket shall be applicable to numerous situations, and it is a catch-all term. Virginia reckless driving lawyers say that officers frequently assign such code in the cases given below:

1.    Accident

Reckless driving convictions that involve accidents are most often based on witness statements, the officer’s investigation, and personal report. Virginia reckless driving lawyers claim that an accident alone does not result in the guilt of reckless driving.

2.    Driver Behavior

Police officers observing drivers who engage in any combination of hazardous driving behaviors can eventually cite the driver for a reckless driving charge. You should also know that a reckless driving citation is more likely to occur when the unsafe driving behavior is carried out during rush time, or inappropriate weather conditions.

3.    Assessment and Estimation

A reckless driving ticket in Maryland may be given when a police officer utilizes their observation skills to assess speed – over eighty mph or twenty mph over the set speed limit.  In an event the officer is somehow unable to refer back to an exact speed reading device, then the general reckless driving citation is delivered against the speeding reckless driving ticket.