A conversation is just harassment, and you intend to intimidate serious nervousness or silence in nursing, and you would like to call, bully or threaten someone by telephone, by repeated telephone calls.

“Any UN agency uses obscene, obscene, violent or abusive language, or threatens someone, threatens violence or violence, threatens violence, and does not undermine the methods of law. There is a difference between the verdict and the lawyers.

A person’s harassment occurs when someone is angry, harassed, or threatened

  • Voice dialing.
  • Suggestions or requests made by phone over poor, inappropriate, or obscene criticism.
  • Making a phone call without ID.
  • Providing recurring telephone calls simply by simply communicating simply.
  • Intimidation and harassment.

One unlucky judgment is that one offense or “wrong number” will not be allowed to be harassed for bullying by harassment. It is a coincidence that someone seems to be overly negligent to let you know about such a decision.

Cell phone fines, prison or both.

In many countries telephone harassment may be a criminal violation, and when a judge is a victim of a criminal incident, it may be serious. If a person needs to be contacted, sending a page or textbook to another person to offend that person. Both the person making the decision and the one who allows him to use his / her phone are guilty of violating three groups. The phone call suddenly responds to a hotline, such as a police, emergency medical service or emergency telephone service, the intent of an emergency person in the performance of harassment, harassment, interference or emergency. The person making the decision and the employee’s telephone number are also guilty of violating one person.

Misleading people to use a laptop or network user for harassment. A person is threatened with harassment, harassment, harassment, abuse of profanity, or abuse of profanity, or threatens to commit an illegal or immoral act. A person is an offender for each violation. There is little doubt that criminal crimes arise from family disputes, political inconveniences and business crimes. In such cases, the Prevention Order is a better way.

If you’re a victim of harassment. You should be in the police.

Build a note when making calls

  • Sex of the caller.
  • The voice of the caller.
  • Call time and date.

Q: What was mentioned in the calls?

  • The estimate of the client for the age.

If the police can identify the phone call and find sufficient evidence, the case will be forwarded to the Attorney General’s Office for the district’s district to file cases with the judge.